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Transform your workflows & regain your time by creating step-by-step processes to simplify your work.

What happens when you streamline?
You stop being confused & save time.

You’ll be breezing through your workload so fast you’ll actually have the time to come up with the next best idea for your audience.

By putting all your processes into Trello, into neat little checklists you’ll stop the guessing game.

You can stop asking yourself what the next step is. You’ve already put it in Trello.


I'm Elizebeth Gidley.

I know what it’s like to be stuck and ultimately let my blank mind rush me into the “no work is getting done today” zone. I’ve been blessed to help thousands of bloggers just like you organize their businesses. It is my mission that everyone simplifies their business and ramps up their productivity through my training. Organization saves time, and time is money.  I want you to leave my courses as a master of these strategies that will drive your production and growth.

New to Trello?

That’s alright, I can teach you all about it. 

Watch this introduction to Trello video and be amazed. 

Worried it’s going to cost you? Don’t be, it’s free.

You can streamline your Blog Processes today!


Learn how to create your own workflows by watching short step-by-step video tutorials.


Take all the steps you know how to do but can never find and set them up in easy processes.


Now that you can get through your work quickly, apply your workflows to all of your business.

At WhatMomsMake, I know you are the kind of blogger that wants to make something of your business. In order to do that, you’re going to need to streamline your workflows. 

The problem is simply not having a system to do that, which makes you feel like you’re ten steps behind. I believe that whether you’re a new blogger or 300 years into the game- no one should be wasting time wondering what their next step is. 

I understand you have a million tasks to do. That’s why I took a look at the processes bloggers struggle with the most to include them in this course. 

Here’s how it works: buy the course, set up your processes so that you can streamline your business. 

So buy it now so you can stop wasting time and start growing your business.

What will the course cover?

I’ll show you how to create 5 processes in Trello.

And once you get a hang of it, you’ll put everything else you know in Trello too. 

What’s that saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll be fed for life?”

That’s what I’m doing here.

Why would I give it all away?

Because everyone needs to be organized.

Without it, time is wasted, steps get missed and chaos ensues.

Here's what's in the course:

Create your Blog Post Workflow

Learn how to create a workflow for all of your blog posts inside Trello.

Create your Promotion Workflow

Never skip a step with promoting. Know which steps to do in order so that your content gets maximum eyes on it.

Create your Pinterest Workflow

Create a checklist that is personalized to your own Pinterest Strategy

Create your SEO checklist

Stop guessing the steps and create your own checklist to make sure your post ranks.

Create your Monthly Email Process

Plan out your monthly emails in Trello!

BONUS: A trello board that includes ALL the processes

Easily download a premade Trello board that includes all the processes

Module 1

introduction to the course


introduction to the course

5 lessons - 15 minutes
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module 2

Blog Processes

This is the meat of the course. I go over each blog process with you with video lessons. Everything is broken down step by step.

blog processes

9 lessons - 45 minutes
grab the Course

module 3

putting it all together

Let me show you the bigger picture with how these processes fit into your entire blog strategy.

putting it all together

1 lesson - 16 minutes
grab the Course

module 4

Total VALUE: $250+


Trello Blog Processes Blueprint

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a mini course to teach you how to put your own processes in Trello. Although, I give some steps in my own processes, if I were to give step by step processes, like SEO, this course would cost a whole lot more.

Nope, Trello is free. There is a paid version that you can choose to purchase if you’d like but it is not required for this course.

Due to the nature of digital goods, if you realize this was a mistake to purchase and you haven’t consumed any of the content I will give a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.

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